The Simpsons Family Tree


The Simpsons family tree is based on the famous cartoon series created by Matt Groening. The family lives in the fictional town of Springfield, USA. The Simpson family has complex relationships with each other and with other families.

The Simpsons series has a long and rich history, becoming a hit in the 90’s and continues to this day. The animation is one of the most famous Fox series, which brings a high rating among viewers and a lot of success.

Family Graph

Тhe graphic shows the intricate family relationships between the cartoon characters in the movie.

The Simpsons family tree The Simpsons family tree is based on the famous cartoon series created by Matt Groening Bart Simpson BartSimpson Maggie Simpson MaggieSimpson Lisa Simpson LisaSimpson Hugo Simpson II HugoSimpson II Homer Simpson HomerSimpson Marge Simpson MargeSimpson Herbert Powell HerbertPowell Patty Bouvier PattyBouvier Selma Bouvier SelmaBouvier Abbey Simpson AbbeySimpson Abraham Simpson II AbrahamSimpson II Mona Simpson MonaSimpson Amber Simpson AmberSimpson Edwina Edwina Clancy Bouvier ClancyBouvier Jacqueline Bouvier JacquelineBouvier Hubert Simpson HubertSimpson Orville Simpson OrvilleSimpson Yuma Hickman YumaHickman Pépé Bouvier PépéBouvier Bambi Petitbois BambiPetitbois Henri Petitbois HenriPetitbois Marie St. Jacques Marie St.Jacques Powered by: *Names and images under the doctrine of fair use.

Family Table

The table below shows the relationships between the various members of the Simpsons: