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Free Online Family Tree App

You can now create family trees for free and without registration

Origin Trees is free family tree software that you can use directly in your web browser.
Build amazing genealogy charts fast and easily with OriginTrees web app.
Discover the genealogy history of popular families.

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Free and easy to use

OriginTrees is a free family tree building app. Creating ancestral charts is easier than ever! No registration needed!

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Full of features

Origin Trees comes with many useful features and capabilities. OriginTrees is multiplatform and you can use it everywhere at any time.


Keep your privacy

OriginTrees App is a client based web software that works without registrations. Family tree data is stored locally on the user device.

OriginTrees is ready for you!

Visualize your family history with our free ancestry chart creator

Preserve your Origin. Build beautiful family trees online for FREE!

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Try the free Origin Trees app and discover your family history. Have fun exploring your heritage and get marvelous family graphs. Creating family tree for you or your friends is as easy as never before.

Build your family legacy effortlessly! Origin Trees is a FREE online family tree builder with an intuitive interface. Include all your family members, manage ancestry charts, and explore your history in different visual formats. Get started today, no registration required!

Ready to learn more? Dive deeper into our features and capabilities page to see how Origin Trees can help you build your family legacy.

Create origin trees on any platform

Our online tool is multi-platform and can run on many modern browsers and popular devices.

Origin Trees is multiplatform genealogy app
  • Make ancestry charts on your favorite platform like: Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android or iOS
  • Keep your family data on your own device
  • Optimized for a variety of web browsers

Get the most out of your family history journey!

Explore our detailed user guide

Learn how to use Origin Trees Tool as a family tree builder

Discover Famous Families


Here you can find many famous families represented through nice charts and tables.

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