The beginner’s guide to Origin Trees

Origin Trees application makes it easy to create beautiful family trees. Follow the sections below to get started.

  • Family tree overview

    The main app window shows the family members linked in a nice graph. Users can see a complete overview of the family tree or view relationships between specific members.


  • How to add family members

    Use mouse double-click on a person from your family chart to activate it. You will then see the his direct relatives and you can add additional members or edit the person. Read the detailed steps on how to add family members.
    Add Family Members

  • Update person information

    Use the edit button on the bottom right part of the person’s card to open an update window.

  • Install OriginTrees as stand-alone app

    You can install OriginTrees as a standalone application on different types of devices (Desktop, Android, iOS, etc.). Please read the detailed article on how to install origin trees app.

  • How to keep your tree progress

    You can save your progress as a file export using the “Export” menu option. Users can save the tree information directly inside the browser’s cache as well via the “Save” option. Note that under incognito mode you may loose your saved data once you’ve close the browser.